Regular The Cat Canoe - Daily Mews by The Cat Ball


This modern cat bed by The Cat Ball® features The Daily Mews fabric on the outside and a lively yarn-themed fabric on the inside.

The innovative design reverses from a classic canoe shape to a wider dish shape to accomodate your kitty's preferred method of napping!

Believe it or not, this bed has been proven to fit cats up to 19 pounds and is also great for small dogs!

  • Made with 100% cotton fabrics and high-density foam (no wires!)
  • Flexible and compressible pet bed design
  • Machine washable (yes, really!)
  • Assembled in USA
Regular Cat Canoe® measures approximately 
8in W x 10in L x 8in H

The Cat Ball® 
Your cat will figure it out®
Bellevue, WA

TCB676 $40 - Daily Mews - Regular The Cat Canoe

This Cat Canoe comes with a joke:
What's black and white and red all over? The inside of this Cat Canoe!

Just as you can switch up the shape of the Cat Canoe, you can switch up this joke:
What's black and white and read all over? The Mewspaper!
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