Plush - Toasty Marshmallows on a Stick - Group 1 (A - F) by Tiny Tus


Three cute marshmallows on a stick, each with a different facial expression. 
A bit larger than the photos might suggest, they measure almost 2 feet long!
Each has a sturdy dowel in the handle with firmly stuffed plush polyfill stuffing throughout the marshmallows.

  • Dimensions: 23 in long, 5 in around
  • Materials: Fleece, wooden dowel, thread, polyfill stuffing
  • Assorted embroidered facial expressions
  • Variation photo shows the exact item you will receive
Tiny Tus
Belmont, Michigan

Photos by The Handmade Showroom

TTS111A $30 - Toasty Marshmallow Plush (Nervous, Yummy, Winky)
TTS111B $30 - Toasty Marshmallow Plush (Frustrated, Kitty, Toothy)
TTS111C $30 - Toasty Marshmallow Plush (Surprised, Just Kidding, Toothy)
TTS111D $30 - Toasty Marshmallow Plush (Just Kidding, Hi There, Smooch)
TTS111E $30 - Toasty Marshmallow Plush (Confounded, Smile, Thinking)
TTS111F $30 - Toasty Marshmallow Plush (Thinking, LOL Mustache)
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