Ornaments - Crocheted Cactus in Green Ceramic Pot (A - G) by Hook And Wheel


A combination of ceramic, crochet, and macrame, these cactus ornaments are simply charming. Perfect to hang on a Christmas tree, your rear-view mirror, or just about anywhere. 

Each piece is one of a kind. The green details on the ceramic pots are unique, and pots have either a round or pointed bottom.

Entire piece (including crochet) measures approximately: 6 1/2-8in H x 1 1/4-1 1/2in W
  • A - Scallops - Pointed Bottom - 7.75in H
  • B - Stripes - Rounded Bottom - 7.5in H
  • C - Squared - Rounded Bottom - 6.5in H
  • D - Stripes - Pointed Bottom - 8in H
  • E - Green Rounded Bottom - 8in H
  • F - Edge Curved - Pointed Bottom - 7.25in H
  • G - Edge - Rounded Bottom - 7in H
Variant photo shows different angles of the exact item you will receive.

Hook And Wheel
Seattle, WA

Photos by The Handmade Showroom

HW602A $35 - Green Scallops Pointed Cactus Ornament A
HW602B $35 - Green Stripes Rounded Cactus Ornament B
HW602C $35 - Green Squared Rounded Cactus Ornament C
HW602D $35 - Green Stripes Pointed Cactus Ornament D
HW602E $35 - Green Bottom Rounded Cactus Ornament E
HW602F $35 - Green Edge Curved Pointed Cactus Ornament F
HW602G $35 - Green Edge Rounded Cactus Ornament G
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