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Home Decor - The Teardrop Desktop Himmeli by Hemleva


Himmeli are a traditional Finnish ornament which is usually made of straw or reeds and hung above the dinner table as a charm to improve the rye crop. Hemleva offers a modern minimalist twist on these gorgeous traditional pieces by reimagining them in brass, perfectly sized to hold an air plant or just as a lovely geometric ornament. The Teardrop has ten faces arranged in a five-sided asymmetric double pyramid.

A lovely Tillandsia air plant matches perfectly with the Himmeli and may be purchased separately.

Materials: Brass, wire

Measurements: 7in x 5in (approx.)

Seattle, WA

Images courtesy of Hemleva.

HSM108 $45 - The Teardrop Desktop Himmeli by Hemleva
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