Headband - Dumpling Stretchy Headband (Assorted Styles) by Catshy Crafts


Proclaim your love of dumplings with this adorable headband! Hand-stitched and hand-cut, this dumpling headband is sure to be a conversation starter. Each off-white felt dumpling is hand-stuffed for that perfect dumpling shape, with a small felt flower accent, black embroidered eyes, and a pink embroidered mouth. The super-soft and stretchy nylon headband stretches from 8in all the way up to 24in circumference, so it fits everyone from newborns to adults - no, really!

Materials: Wool felt, cotton embroidery thread, nylon headband

Measurements: 2 1/2in x 2in (approx.) decoration; headband stretches from 8in to 24in circumference.

Catshy Crafts
Bellevue, WA

Images by Marlo M.

CCHB06A $18 - Pouting (A) Dumpling Dark Pink Headband 
CCHB06D $18 - Wincing (D) Dumpling Black Headband
CCHB06F $18 - Happy (F) Dumpling Gray Headband
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