Straws - Single Straight or Bent Glass Straws by DrinkingStraws.Glass


Made of the sturdiest glass available, these handcrafted thick-walled borocilicate glass straws are a pleasure to use. Use them with hot or cold beverages as you like with no temperature transfer. A handy cleaning brush is included (one per box) but they are also dishwasher safe to clean as you like! What's more, DrinkingStraws.Glass offers a lifetime guarantee on each straw. Awesome!

Available in Straight or Bent versions.

  • Straight Straw: 8 inches long x 9.5mm wide
  • Bent Straw: 8 inches long x 9.5mm wide

Made in Selah, WA

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DR101 $9 - Straight 8in x 9.5mm Straw
DR102 $10 - Bent 8in x 9.5mm Straw

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