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Framed Art - Hand Cut San Juan Islands Topographic Wall Art by Crafterall


This is an original, layered handmade papercut piece featuring the San Juan Islands.

This unique piece is intricately cut from layers of high quality, acid-free cardstock. The top layer represents the land, while the layers underneath, in ever-darker shades of color, reveal the depths of the ocean beneath.  The back is titled, signed and dated as an original piece.

The work measures 8 x 10 inches (about 20 x 25 cm), is about 1/8" thick, and comes in an 11x14 wall-mount frame with tempered glass matted to 8x10.

Shorewood, MN

Photos by The Handmade Showroom

CRF203 $75 - San Juan Islands Topo Framed Wall Art
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