Enamel Pin - Monstera Light Green Leaf by Hemleva


The Monstera Deliciosa Plant is a prized addition to any plant collection.  This pin is cousin to the Dark Green Monstera Leaf pin!

The Latin name “deliciosa” came about because of the edible fruit the plant produces. It is said to taste like fruit salad! And Monstera refers to the monstrous size of the plant, which can grow upwards of 30ft tall!

This pin is the perfect minimalist accent to celebrate such a beautiful plant. 

  • 1in H x 7/8in W

  • Hard Enamel Cloisonné Pin

  • Secure Flat Head Tie Tack Backing

  • High Polished 10K Plated Gold Base
  • Includes a fully illustrated card display
  • Illustrated by Samantha Leung

Seattle, WA

Photos by Marlo M.

HSM302 $16 - Monstera Light Green Leaf Enamel Pin
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