Earrings – Drops – Kailua Raindrop by Almeda Jewelry


These elegant drop earrings feature graceful raindrop shapes in richly textured stoneware ceramic with blue and white glaze accented with 22k gold luster, all hanging on 14k gold-fill ear wires. Almeda Jewelry’s porcelain and stoneware ceramic pieces are a textural delight as well as a loving homage to Hawaii’s natural splendor.

  • Materials: Stoneware clay, glaze, 22k gold, 14k gold fill
  • Measurements: Approximately 5/8in W x 1in H x 1/8in D
  • Hand-textured stoneware ceramic construction
  • 14k gold-fill ear wires
  • 22k gold luster accent
  • Inspired by the beauty of Hawai’i
  • Elegant and evocative
  • Handmade on the island of Oahu, Hawaii and in Tacoma, Washington

Almeda Jewelry
Oahu, HI/Tacoma, WA

Images by The Handmade Showroom and courtesy of Almeda Jewelry

AJE304 $65 – Kailua Teardrop Drop Earrings
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