Floral - Single Felt Flower by Catshy Crafts


These long-stemmed felt flowers won’t ever wilt, making them the perfect gift for your loved one! The flowers come in a variety of colors and shapes, but all have wool felt petals gathered beautifully atop a paper-wrapped wire stem. Mix and match to make your own felt bouquet!

Materials: Wool felt, cotton embroidery thread, paper-wrapped wire

Measurements: 1.5in x 10in (approx.)

Catshy Crafts
Bellevue, WA

Images by Marlo M.

CCF010 $15 - Pink Rose Single Felt Flower
CCF011 $15 - Deep Pink Rose Single Felt Flower
CCF012 $15 - Light Pink/Coral Single Felt Flower
CCF016 $15 - Teal/Aqua Single Felt Flower

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