CIB07 $52 - Small Pygmy Sasquatch Yeti Head (Assorted Colors) by Careful It Bites


This adorable, huggable plush fur Pygmy Yeti / Sasquatch head is waiting for you to bring it to its forever home!
With safety eyes for the wee ones, these handmade critters are a wild and wonderful treat for all ages. 

Measures approximately 8 in W x 6 in H

Careful It Bites
Seattle, WA

CIB07BR $52 - Brown Feathery Saqu-Yeti Head Small
CIB07SPa $52 - Long Fur Salt Pepper Black White Saqu-Yeti Head Small
CIB07SPb $52 - Short Fur Salt Pepper Black White Saqu-Yeti Head Small 
CIB07LM $52 - Lime Long Fur Saqu-Yeti Head Small
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