Catball - Neutrals (Assorted Colors) by Careful It Bites


These rotund foot-less felines make great stuffed toys or fluffy friends for those with cat allergies, no-pet policies or nice furniture. Wonderful as gifts for children or adults, the Catball is a charming sphere of love. 

Safety eyes and noses are made to be extremely difficult for anyone to remove, but like all other toys with small parts, please use your judgment when purchasing this for a child under 3 years of age.

Catballs measure approximately 6 inches in diameter and 12 inches long, including their luxurious tail.

Careful it Bites
Seattle, WA

Washing instructions: with these furry creatures, handwashing is best. Absolutely no dryer! Heat will actually melt the faux fur fabric into a perm-like state.

CIBB101 $52 - Cream Porcupine Green Eyed Catball
CIBB102 $52 - Cream Porcupine Orange Eyed Catball
CIBB103 $52 - White Grey Mottled Lavender Eyed Catball
CIBB104 $52 - Black Grey Mottled Teal Eyed Catball
CIBB105 $52 - Grey Black Prickly Orange Eyed Catball
CIBB106 $52 - Grey Brown Leopard Red Eyed Catball
CIBB107 $52 - White Purple Pink Tail Purple Eyed Catball
CIBB108 $52 - White Blue Eyed Catball
CIBB109 $52 - Mottled White Gray Red Eyed Catball
CIBB110 $52 - Mottled Feathery Browns Patches Long Hair Teal Eyed Catball
CIBB111 $52 - Caramel Mottled Blue Eyed Catball

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