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Catball - Bright Green with Red Eyes by Careful It Bites


With bright green fur with sharp red eyes, these rotund foot-less felines make great stuffed toys or fluffy friends for those with cat allergies, no-pet policies, or nice furniture. Wonderful as gifts for children or adults, the Catball is a charming sphere of love. 
  • Measures about 6 in diameter x 12 in L (including tail)
  • Materials garment-grade faux fur, safety eyes, and nose
  • Recommended for ages 3 and up

Careful it Bites
Seattle, WA

Washing instructions: with these furry creatures, handwashing is best. Absolutely no dryer! Heat will actually melt the faux fur fabric into a perm-like state.

CIBB109 $62 - Bright Green Red Eyed Catball
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