Cat Toy - Mewdle Play Stick (Assorted Colors) by For Mew


These fanciful cat toys will have them dancing and jumping for joy! Stitched lengths of durable fabric "Mewdles" are lined with the sounds of crinkly stuff and securely attached to natural unpainted bamboo sticks that are finished on each end.

Fabric designs range from neutral gray tones to bright and colorful patterns, so you're sure to find a style that feels right for you & your kitty friends!
There may be irregular but natural marks, slight cracks and imperfections on the bamboo which are natural to bamboo. Size of the Mewdle and handle may vary.
  • Mewdles are 44 inches to 47 inches long
  • Bamboo handle is 15 inches to 16 inches long
Each variation photo shows the exact Mewdle you will receive! Click on the buttons above to see all the designs in stock now!

For Mew
Reno, NV

Click on the variation button to see an image of the following colorways:

FM101A $18 - Tacos with White Dots on Orange - Mewdles
FM101B $18 - Blue Sushi with White Dots on Black - Mewdles
FM101C $18 - Grey and White Cats with Glasses and Green Dots - Mewdles
FM101D $18 - Orange Blue Tiger Cats - Mewdles
FM101G $18 - Bees on Blue with Yellow Dots - Mewdles
FM101I $18 - White Meow Cat with Pink - Mewdles
FM101J $18 - Brown White Tiger Cats - Mewdles
FM101K $18 - Origami Cats with Orange - Mewdles
FM101L $18 - Pink Blue Yellow White Cats with Yellow - Mewdles
FM101N $18 - Squirrels on Blue with Orange - Mewdles
FM101P $18 - Cats on Red with Blue - Mewdles
FM101R $18 - Black Cats with Abstract Yellow - Mewdles
FM101S $18 - Cat with Bow on Aqua with Black and White - Mewdles
FM101T $18 - White Cats on Blue with Red - Mewdles
FM101U $18 - White Cats on Grey with Rust - Mewdles
FM102 $18 - Black Cats on White Dots on Orange - Mewdles
FM103 $18 - White Cats Blue Dots on Yellow - Mewdles
FM104 $18 - White Cats on Blue Dots on Black - Mewdles
FM105 $18 - Night Cats on Blue Dots on Pink - Mewdles
FM106 $18 - White Cats on White Teal - Mewdles
FM107 $18 - Skeleton Cats on Teal Stars on Pink - Mewdles
FM108 $18 - Grey Cartoon Cats Dots on Red - Mewdles
FM109 $18 - Colorful Cats on Purple Dots on Blue - Mewdles

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