Cacao - 16oz - Especial Extra Large Tin Cocoa by Flying Bird Botanicals


The extra large version! Cacao Especial is simply delicious drinking hot chocolate. It's made with high quality raw heirloom Ecuadorian cocoa, pure vanilla bean, and cane crystals--and that's it. Pure and simple.

  • Organic Cane Crystals
  • Organic Raw Heirloom Cacao
  • Organic Vanilla Bean
Weight: 16oz

Preparation: Add 1 heaping tablespoon cacao to your favorite mug. Pour 8oz milk or water over cacao. Stir. Enjoy!

Flying Bird Botanicals
Bellingham, WA

Photo courtesy Flying Bird Botanicals

FBB202 $38 - Cacao Especial Extra Large Tin
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