Headbands - Black Ink - Assorted Colors and Designs by Windsparrow Studio


These soft jersey headbands are printed with black ink using hand-carved blocks of the artist's original design. Lightweight yet strong, they are great for daily wear and can be worn in a few different fashions.

The headband width is adjustable from about 2 to 10 inches and beautifully showcases each design.
Unstretched, the headbands measure about 18 1/2in around. 

Black print headbands are available in a variety of color and design combinations:
  • Allium print on plum fabric
  • Berry branch print on peach fabric
  • Fern print on cedar fabric
  • Laurel print on soft green fabric
  • Parsley print on silver fabric
Headbands are also available in white print (in assorted colors and designs).

Windsparrow Studio
Seattle, WA

Photos courtesy Windsparrow Studio

WS302A $18 - Plum Allium Headband (Black Ink) 
WS302B $18 - Branch Peach Berry Headband (Black Ink)
WS302C $18 - Cedar Fern Headband (Black Ink)
WS302D $18 - Soft Green Laurel Headband (Black Ink)
WS302E $18 - Silver Parsley Headband (Black Ink)
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