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Art Print - You Are My Sunshine 5x7 by Red Umbrella


Print features a stylized sun with five fluffy clouds. The sun is printed in yellow and has radiating lines in a ring around the center. The clouds are printed in overlapping circles of concentric white rings. The background is a deep steel blue-gray and the words “you are my sunshine” are printed at the bottom of the print.

Whenever possible, Red Umbrella Design's products are sourced and printed locally in the Pacific Northwest, using recycled content (all paper products are printed on 100% recycled content), environmentally friendly processes and small family owned businesses.

Materials: 100% recycled paper, environmentally friendly ink

Measurements: 5in x 7in

Red Umbrella Designs
Twisp, WA

Images courtesy Red Umbrella.

RU506 $15 - 5x7 You Are My Sunshine Art Print
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