Art Print - Stuart Range 5x7 by Red Umbrella


The overlapping peaks of Stuart Range fill the bottom half of this gorgeous print, drawn in a heavily stylized manner in shades of blue-green. The artist makes extensive use of shading lines to depict the channels and faces of each peak. The background is filled with a simple tan wood grain pattern running horizontally across the image.

It is the goal of Red Umbrella to inspire humans to seek beauty, keep hope, and give kindness. As an artist, business owner, and person on this planet, owner Baylie Peplow wants to help individuals feel connected to the natural world and one another, to create down-to-earth treasures that remind us that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, and to infuse our everyday lives with playfulness, imperfection, and down-to-earth meaning.

Whenever possible, Red Umbrella Design's products are sourced and printed locally in the Pacific Northwest, using recycled content (all our paper products are printed on 100% recycled content), environmentally friendly processes and small family owned businesses.

Materials: 100% recycled paper, environmentally friendly ink

Measurements: 5in x 7in

Red Umbrella
Seattle, WA

Images courtesy of Red Umbrella.

RU503 $15 - 5x7 Stuart Range Art Print by Red Umbrella
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