Art Block - Hidden Moon by MKC Photography


A forest of snow-sprinkled evergreens sits beneath a starry night sky. There are strings of lights hanging in the trees. In the foreground, in the snowy clearing, an orange fox looks into an opening in the trees. A bright circle--the hidden moon--shines in the darkness, surrounded by a glowing halo. We see the fox seated from behind, and in the branches to his left, just above his head, there is a small pop of red. A cardinal perhaps.

Made from reclaimed wood and vintage book pages, this photograph art block makes a charming addition to any wall, shelf, mantel or nook. 

A combination of original photos, artwork, graphics, and collage, each block is a unique work of art. The block edges and backside are covered with vintage book pages, and the block is sealed with multiple layers of non-toxic matte varnish and signed on the reverse. It has a keyhole opening in the back for ease of hanging.

Measures 5in x 5in x 1/2in
Block sides and back may vary from photos

MKC Photography
Philadelphia, PA

Product photos by Marlo M.

MKC103 $40 - Hidden Moon Art Block - 5x5


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