The Handmade Showroom will re-open soon!

Update June 8, 2020: We are considering re-opening soon but have no solid date to announce just yet. In the meantime, we are refreshing displays at The Handmade Showroom and also need to repair the damage we received at Bezel & Kiln after it was broken into and vandalized over Memorial Day weekend.

Please stay tuned and keep up with us on social media!


Making it through this uncertain time has been tough for our small business. If you are in a position to do so, it would be really fantastic if you would consider making a purchase from our online store in the coming weeks.

We are offering free shipping for all orders over $50 and would be happy to ship things to you or to a gift recipient of your choice!

Every purchase you make helps us continue to support our artists throughout the crisis and will help us open once again when restrictions are lifted.

We will keep you up to date here and on social media:

If there is something you've seen at The Handmade Showroom that you can't find in our online store, please feel free to email us at and we’ll be happy to send you photos and more info!

Thank you so much for your continued support of all things Handmade and we'll look forward to seeing you at The Handmade Showroom and Bezel & Kiln as soon as it is safe. 

Until then, we send you love and wishes for the health and safety of you and yours.

Air hugs and jazz hands,
Marlo Miyashiro
Co-owner and Managing Director
The Handmade Showroom and Bezel & Kiln
2nd floor at Pacific Place downtown Seattle, WA

Please shop with us online to help us continue to support our helpers and 100+ artists at The Handmade Showroom and 50 more at Bezel & Kiln!

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