We are sometimes asked why we choose to list live links to our artist's websites. After all, aren't we in the business of selling things ourselves?

For us, the answer is simple: #communityovercompetition

We believe in supporting our artists however we can because at the end of the day, the more successful they are, the better it is for the creative community and the longer we will be able to showcase their work at The Handmade Showroom!

Help us continue our mission to #elevatehandmade by showing finely made work by independent artists by visiting us on the 2nd floor of Pacific Place in downtown Seattle to see and purchase their latest works in person!

(If you do happen to purchase directly from the artist, please let them know you found them at The Handmade Showroom!)

6by6 Arts (Woodinville, WA)
Alber Road (Troy, ID)
Bee Lucia (Portland, OR)
Belly of a Whale (Renton, WA)
BookGrain (Seattle, WA)
Bunny Bear Press (Bellevue, WA)
ByLy Ceramics (Seattle, WA)
Callahan's Hot Sauce (Seattle, WA)
Calliope Jewelry (Seattle, WA)
Capitol Hill Candle Co (Seattle, WA)
Careful It Bites (Seattle, WA)
Cat Ball The (Bellevue, WA)
Catshy Crafts (Bellevue, WA)
Chavah's Garden (Shoreline, WA)
Chews on Belay (McCall, ID)
Chloe Derderian Gilbert (Portland, OR)
Christine Stoll Jewelry (Bellevue, WA)
Chubby Bunny (Vancouver, WA)
Coloring Project The (Seattle, WA)
Common Object Jewelry (Seattle, WA)
Crystalyn Kae (Seattle, WA - NY, NY)
Curious Burrow (Kent, WA)
Deviant Decor (Seattle, WA)
Dolcetta (Seattle, WA)
Drinking Straws (Granite Falls, WA)
Eliot's Nut Butters (Seattle, WA)
Elle Cree (Portland, OR)
Factory 43 (Seattle, WA)
Fern Street Pottery (Indianola, WA)
Five Ply Design (Seattle, WA)
Flux Ceramics (Seattle, WA)
Foamy Wader (Winslow, WA)
Foxtail Pottery (Twisp, WA)
Garden BonBons (Seattle, WA)
Glass Elements (Seattle, WA)
Greenbelts (Seattle, WA)
Handwritten Life (Seattle, WA)
Hank by Henry (Portland, OR)
Hemleva (Renton, WA)
Ilee Papergoods (Seattle, WA)
Jennifer Forland (Seattle, WA)
Jennifer Fujimoto (Seattle, WA)
Kitchen Imp The (Seattle, WA)
Krista's Baking Co. (Seattle, WA)
La Objeteria (Seattle, WA)
Laarni and Tita (Seattle, WA)
LaRu (Seattle, WA)
Little Brigade Seedlings (Portland, OR - Oakland, CA)
Magpie Mouse Studios (Seattle, WA)
Make Waves (Portland, OR)
Manzanita Kids (Seattle, WA)
Marshall's Haute Sauce (Portland, OR)
Max & Co Post (Seattle, WA)
Mia Yoshihara (Kenmore, WA)
Michaela Rose (Woodinville, WA)
MIS0 Happy (Renton, WA)
Modern Terrain (Portland, OR)
Mustard and Co. (Seattle, WA)
My Grandpa's Wooden Toys (Westport, WA)
NAMU - RetroPop (Seattle, WA)
Neptune Creations (Seattle, WA)
Odd Fauna (Seattle, WA)
Oliotto (Seattle, WA)
One Scrap at a Time (Mukilteo, WA)
Orange Twist (Seattle, WA)
ParaPup Designs (Bend, OR)
Phina Project, The (Seattle, WA)
Punching Pandas (Kirkland, WA)
Queen Bee Creations (Portland, OR)
Red Umbrella (Seattle, WA)
Robert Dudenhoefer II (Corvallis, OR)
Sarah Bak Pottery (Seattle, WA)
Scary White Girl (Seattle, WA)
Seattle Sundries (Seattle, WA)
Silver + Salt (Seattle, WA)
Slow Loris (Guemes Island, WA)
SML - Design by SML (Seattle, WA)
Snooter Doots (Seattle, WA)
Studio Corbelle (Corvallis, OR)
Suzanne Harrison Home (Seattle, WA)
Textile Row (Vancouver, WA)
Texture Clothing (Bellingham, WA)
Tomato-Tomato (Renton, WA)
Ugly Baby (Seattle, WA)
Uzura (Seattle, WA)
VERSO Jewelry (Shoreline, WA)
Whiskey Ink & Lace (Seattle, WA)
Windsparrow Studio (Portland, OR)
Wise Craft Handmade (Seattle, WA)
Woolly Made (Portland, OR)
World of Whimm (Mukilteo, WA)
Wren Bird Arts (Bellingham, WA)
XV STUDIOS (Seattle, WA)
Zetamari Mosaic Artworks (Seattle, WA)


*Washington, Oregon, and Idaho

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