Wraps - Small 6x6 Beeswax Wrap (Assorted Colors) by Bee Kitchen


One 6in x6in beeswax food wrap--perfect for snacks, avocados, cans, and more! The natural anti-bacterial nature of beeswax means these wraps are easy to clean with soap and cold water. (Please keep away from heat and harsh detergents to preserve the finish of the wrap.)

Please note:
Wraps come in a wide range of assorted colors and prints so the item(s) you receive may vary from the images shown here.


  1. Use your hands to mold the wax wraps around the tops of bowls, cups, cans, jars, snacks, and leftovers.
  2. Hand wash with cold water and soap, then air dry.
  3. Use again and again! Wraps should last more than a year with proper care.

Choose your colorway and allow us to choose the pattern for you:

BK203 $12.50 - Dark Blue Shibori Small Beeswax Wrap
BK204 $12.50 - Light Blue Print Small Beeswax Wrap
BK205 $12.50 - Turquoise Print Small Beeswax Wrap

Bee Kitchen
Ventura, CA

Photos by The Handmade Showroom
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