Ornaments - Crocheted Cactus in Gray Ceramic Pot (A - E) by Hook And Wheel


A combination of ceramic, crochet, and macrame, these cactus ornaments are simply charming. Perfect to hang on a Christmas tree, your rear-view mirror, or just about anywhere. 

Each piece is one of a kind. The gray details on the ceramic pots are unique, and pots have either a round or pointed bottom.

Entire piece (including crochet) measures approximately: 7 3/4-9in H x 1 1/2in W
  • A - Gray Scallops - Round Bottom - 7.74in H
  • B - Gray Spots - Round Bottom - 9.5in H
  • C - Gray Edge - Pointed Bottom - 4in H
  • D - Gray Stripes - Pointed Bottom - 4in H
  • E - Gray Shaded Scallops - Pointed Bottom - 4in H
Each selection is for one (1) cactus ornament.
The variant photo shows different views of the exact item you will receive.

Hook And Wheel
Seattle, WA

Photos by The Handmade Showroom

HW604A $35 - Gray Scallops Round Cactus Ornament A
HW604B $35 - Gray Spots Round Cactus Ornament B
HW604C $35 - Gray Edge Pointed Cactus Ornament C
HW604D $35 - Gray Stripes Pointed Cactus Ornament D
HW604E $35 - Gray Shaded Scallops Pointed Cactus Ornament E
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