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Hairpin - Coral Lilies Keshi Coin Pearls OOAK by Verso


Handmade paper, brass, and keshi coin pearl hairpin. Paper and brass petals are hand-dyed a coral hue, and then coated in resin to make them waterproof and durable. The centerpiece of the lily is a trio of keshi coin pearls. The flower is wire-wrapped onto a hand-forged nickel-free brass hairpin.

Hairpin (with flower) measures approximately 5 1/2in L x 2 1/2in W x 2in D.
The brass hairpin (without flower) measures approximately 1in W x 4in L.

Everett, WA

Photos by Marlo M.

VEOOAK1H $108 - HOOAK Coral Lilies Keshi Coin Pearls Hairpin
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