Stickers - Assorted Vinyl Stickers (4 styles) by Odd Fauna


Heavy duty waterproof die-cut vinyl stickers featuring some of Odd Fauna's whimsical creatures!
Choose your favorite:
  • Terrabeast measures 2.5in tall by 4in wide
  • Fox measures 4in tall by 3 1/4in wide
  • Sproutling measures 4in tall by 2in wide
  • Hug Monster measures 3in tall by 2.5in wide
Odd Fauna
Emma SanCartier
Seattle, WA

Photos by The Handmade Showroom

OFST01 $4.50 - Terrabeast Sticker
OFST02 $4.50 - Fox Sticker
OFST03 $4.50 - Sproutling Sticker
OFST04 $4.50 - Hugs Stickers
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