Saute Spoon - Maple - Left or Right Handed by Meb's Kitchenwares


This maple wood sauté spoon is available in a right-handed or a left-handed version. Sauté onions and garlic, scrape the bottom and sides of a pot of pasta, and get into the corner of a deep pot of sauce--you can do it all with one of these spoons! And it doubles as a tasting spoon.

These spoons are made for stirring! Or folding, mixing, beating and blending! Wooden spoons also won't harm a non-stick surface and even sound good in the pan. And if you maintain them, they'll become even more lovely over time. These spoons are individually cut out, carved, sanded, and oiled by hand - one at a time!

Measures:  13.5in x 2.5in x 1in

Meb's Kitchenwares
Woodstock Valley, CT

Photos by Marlo M.

MEB402L $45 - Saute Spoon Maple - Left-handed
MEB402R $45 - Saute Spoon Maple - Right-handed

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