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Plant Friend - Monstera Deliciosa Mini Desk Plant Blue Heart by Hi Tree!


You can stop your search for the perfect house plant--it's right here! These little Monstera Deliciosa mini desk plants never need watering, never need to be repotted, and will always have a smile for you to brighten your day!

Handmade with love, they measure approximately 5 1/2in-6in H x 4in W x 2 1/2in D

Leaves are wool felt, dirt is wool yarn, and the monstera is planted in a real tiny terra cotta planter. 
You'll find a tiny blue heart of one of the leaves - which one will be a mystery only you can solve!

Listing is for one Mini Desk Plant Friend chosen from our current collection.

Hi Tree!
Pasadena, CA

Photos by The Handmade Showroom

HT501 $35 - Monstera Deliciosa Mini Desk Plant
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