Candle - Mini Potted Single Succulent Assorted by Homegrown Wicks


Adorable mini single succulent candle! Perfect for those who have a hard time keeping plants alive, this candle doubles as a unique home decor. Paired with the amazing scent of Cactus Blossom for a delightful succulent experience. 

Each candle is hand-crafted in authentic terracotta pots that can be reused for planting once the candle is through burning.
  • 4oz candle
  • Pot size: 2 1/2in
  • Variation photos show the exact product you will receive

Homegrown Wicks
Myrtle Beach, SC

Photos by The Handmade Showroom
(Photos coming soon for HG105-HG108)

HG101 $18 - Mini Potted Single Succulent Candle 1
HG102 $18 - Mini Potted Single Succulent Candle 2
HG103 $18 - Mini Potted Single Succulent Candle 3
HG104 $18 - Mini Potted Single Succulent Candle 4
HG105 $18 - Mini Potted Single Succulent Candle 5
HG106 $18 - Mini Potted Single Succulent Candle 6
HG107 $18 - Mini Potted Single Succulent Candle 7
HG108 $18 - Mini Potted Single Succulent Candle 8

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